if: How To Make A Sweater

This is a story I wrote and illustrated last year for a project in which we had to make a "how to" zine. I'm sure I will attempt to redo the illustrations at some point because I'm not entirely happy with them, but I was pleased with the overall story so I'd like to make it into a proper book For now, I will post this as it is "fitting" (ha. ha.) for this weeks illustration friday topic :)

if: reverse

It's not really an illustration I guess, but I've been doing lots of ambigrams lately, and thought it would be fitting to do one for this illustration friday topic. For those of you who haven't heard of the word before, an ambigram in typography is a word that can be read the same way from two different perspectives. This particular one spells "reverse" if you turn it upside down as well. To save you the trouble of standing on your head or turning your monitor upside down, I've turned it upside down for you!

I  couldn't quite figure out what to do about the e in the middle, so I turned it sideways :) Not a true ambigram... but close enough?