A Serial Killer

Over the past few weeks I have become a serial killer of time. It is not something I enjoy greatly, admittedly, at least not to begin with, however I have learned to appreciate the finer elements of such a banal and sluggish existence. Watching time waste away before your eyes when you can think of 10 million other things you'd rather be doing - all of which are more fun or useful to your life experience - is a very dire prospect. Now forgive me for launching into something almost philosophical here, but what is time? What seperates the time well spent from the time poorly spent. I am currently writing this blog post on my phone from the viewing terrace of a rather empty airport, and would like to think this is an example of time well spent. Why? Well I'll get into that.

While trying to come up with a solution to my sheer boredom, I came to the vague conclusion that I didn't actually have to 'kill time', I could try to make use of it. When I am going about my daily life sometimes it feels like there are so many things I would like to do but just never get around to because life doesn't really have a pause button. And yet here I was
complaining that I had too much time to waste. What was to stop me from having fun by myself in this new and exciting place of joy and wonder? If you could call the viewing terrace of an airport such a place.

Children are rarely ever bored as they have the mental capacity to find something entertaining to amuse themselves with wherever they go. With young children this mostly involves making loud noises and destroying things. Obviously spending a greater period of time in a given place with not much in or around it will have the effect of a prison and eventually you will run out of things to do, but this is rarely the case.

I have chosen to spend my time more wisely by pursuing my creative ventures and have been doing a lot more writing and doodling to generate ideas. It takes a certain skill to be able to come out with interesting ideas from a place like an airport or train station after 5 hours there, but being in one place for a long time gives you a whole different perspective. Rather than being part of a fleeting moment, you become part of the furniture of a place.

I have done a number of doodles and written some things which I will post soon, but for now I must go. Bon voyage!