The Update to Put All Other Updates to Shame

It has been a while hasn't it!

It isn't because I fell down a deep dark hole and got lost in the bowels of the earth only to become adopted by a family of giant moles. Nor is it because I ran away to India and moved into an opium den where I've spent the last two months pondering life, the universe and the 'eternal nothingness'. 

But you can put your worst fears aside, I have NOT ceased to be a minion for illustration and design services. I have been so busy beavering away at this that I have hardly had time to do really important things like paint my toenails to look like fruit, sort my sock drawer and count the number of hairs on my hairbrush this week. 

Alas... the time for those necessities of my life shall come. Let me tell you about the adventures I have been having and why you might be wondering 'Where the diggity dog darn have you been?'

So after having a short break after the May 10th deadline of my final year submission, I've been thrown into a whirlwind which has seen no point in stopping. This is probably a good thing in my profession because as many people know if is highly competetive and not everyone has the good fortune of finding work! Luckily for me and my close friends we have actually had far too much going on to worry about these things. It bodes to be a promising future.

So starting with where I left off, the illustration degree show had a very successful kick-off. Both the business viewing and private viewing were packed pretty full and I spoke to lots of people at both. During the following week I also had many compliments on my work and really good positive feedback which was a nice way to end my final year of the degree. Another good thing that came out of it was that I was able to make a start on my illustration as a career by selling some prints and cards and getting interest for a few commissions.

After the degree show ended, I got accepted for a summer internship doing design and illustration work for Edinburgh University's student association (EUSA). I have been creating a lot of exciting work with them so when I get the chance to show some of the projects I have been doing. As a full time job it is keeping me very busy, but it is nice to be making a bit of money and gaining a lot of valuable experience.

Alongside this I have been taking part in a couple of other things. To start with I entered a competition to design a whisky label for Bunnahabhain who have partnered up with the charity, Fishermans Mission to create limited edition bottles of their famous 12 year blend. Although my entry ended up being a race to get it done and I am not entirely certain it can be called 'finished', I figured I would post it up here anyway so that you have a picture to look at rather than just words, words and more words which I don't think anyone is actually going to bother reading. Here is my entry:

There were a couple of restrictions on this brief, such as the fact that it had to include nautical themes, a figurative representation of the legendary helmsman and the appropriate text. Rather than create something quite conceptually different I decided to try and incorporate all the design elements in an aesthetically pleasing way. I was quite inspired by the character of the helmsman and I love drawing beardy old men so he is still the main focus as in the original Bunnahabhain label. Where my label has room for improvements: text (this was done very last minute, literally) and colour - although I like the colours I went with I probably could have tried some different things with more time. I also found out that my laptops screen makes colours a lot more muted than on other computers, which is really annoying as now I realise that everything I've been positing on the internet appears in colours that are practically fluorescent in their luminosity. Just in case you are experiencing this right now, this label should not appear as ultramarine blue and turmeric yellow but rather a gold-ochre yellow and navy. If you have any suggestions for what I should do about this colour calibration issue please tell me as I'm desperate to know.

I have also graduated! Yes I got to wear a cape and a fluffy hood and got patted on the head with Edinburgh University's special sorting hat made from John Knox's trousers. Here Danielle and I are standing looking graduated.

Image Credit: Anine Boesenberg

Some other things I participated in during recent weeks was a pop-up shop in dunfermeline called Show-Off organised by Paula Grubb, a pop-up gallery organised by Creative Meadows which was a lovely event with a great turnout. It ended up being a bit of a disaster for me because my work had an issue with gravity and apparently preferred to be displayed face down on the floor rather than the wall. I also have a picture up in an exhibition in Six Foot Gallery in Glasgow which is featuring the 'Best of Degree Show' work from around Scotland. 

Some up coming things that are happening for me, Danielle and I are launching our new collective of nature artists called Totem Collective with our first appearance at Craft Scotland's Summer Show! This will be taking place in White Stuff on George Street in August, and Danielle and I will be selling some great nature themed paper crafts alongside excellent goods from other craft-makers so come on down and have a look!

This is all I shall write for now, I promise that my next post will have more pictures in it, but for now I will satisfy your hunger for imagery with a small doodle.