The time has now come for me to finally reveal this secretive project that has been in the works for a long time now. I started working on these way back in the fall of last year, although at that stage it was all research. You may remember my pen and ink drawings?  That was preparation for this!

A golden eagle surveys the great wilderness of the north-west and a ptarmigan camouflages itself in the snows of the Cairngorms.


The noble red stag on the backdrop of the three sisters and a pine marten against the backdrop of the Trossachs, one of the few remaining areas of the Caledonian pine forest.

These posters have gone through many many revisions and changes, and it has proven to be a challenge. These will feature in my degree show as A2 posters, and as they are being mounted now by A&M imaging I am very excited to see them. I only had a brief look at the giclee prints and that is the only time I have seen them bigger than A4 size so I'm hoping everything will turn out grand.

I plan on doing more of these, so far it has been 4 months of the year and I have completed 4, so I am going to go for 1 a month. For now you may view these however, hope you enjoy!