Flight, Bears and Wisdom

I wonder if I'll ever be man enough to do this. Not sure how I feel about the flares or whatever that is attached to their legs. I think the beauty of wingsuit flying is that its so pure, just relying on simple physics and your own bravery to fly, and the smoke makes it kind of look like there's machinery involved. Nevermind that though, still awesome.

In other words, after a short Christmas break where I didn't do much work, (at least nothing that wasn't just for fun) I'm back to being busy. I've been hermitting in my flat for the past few days working on some illustrations for the folio society competition. I shall keep these secret until I finish them.

I mentioned making things out of fimo clay while I was at home, here are some tiny polar bears I made as well. I am thinking of making more to sell so if you would like some, send me a message.

Mamabear and her baby
I can also offer you my wisdom tooth!
 It has magical properties that will make you wise...