Greetings from Poland! I have taken a short trip to Poland to sort out some documents and see my grandmothers. Over the past two weeks I have been madly busy trying to get everything done before leaving, so for this reason I have not been able to show you much of what I have been up to. However, now that I have a spare moment or two, I can write all about my secret projects. To start off with, I have been working on some huge pen and ink drawings of Scottish landscapes as research for some large colour linocuts I will be making next year. The project is intended to advertise Scotland's wild places and ties in with some things I want to do next year.

 I'm going to investigate human interaction with nature and find out what makes a place wild. I am intending to approach this openly and make a comment on how people go around in tour buses looking out the window at landscapes, only stopping alongside the road to take photos and talk about how 'pretty' everything is. I sort of want to show that this is almost disrespectful and you can't really get a sense of a place from standing by a road. I also want to look at the other side of things, where hot shot climbers and mountaineers have equally no respect for the landscape, and waltz up to the base of peaks and do climbs only for the grade and the glory. This will involve some experimenting and possibly new three-dimensional paper things... oooooh.

Anyway, enough about that for now, you'll have to keep checking back to find out where that takes me. For now you can see the aforementioned pen and ink drawings. These also make an appearance in my Drawing Journal - Volume 1 which I will write about soon.

Buchaille Etive Mor - Glencoe
Loch Avon - Cairngorms

Sea Cliffs near Flodigarry, Skye