It's been a while since I wrote anything here. I never feel like what I write would be very interesting to read so I figure its just better to post pictures of what I've been doing. However, I haven't actually processed any recent work so instead of showing you I will tell you.

I will soon be starting a new job which will require getting used to blogging and writing about things regularly, and since its good practice anyways, I should probably start paying attention to this blog. I will fill in details about this job I speak of in the near future when it is all up and running.

Until then, I have been working on a few personal things as well as a bit of casual freelance. I will be setting up and etsy shop soon with various illustrated, hand crafter products for the hipster in you. This will probably include prints of several things that you can already view on this blog and the illustration website, so keep an eye out for the not so grand opening of this shop of illustrology goodness.

That's about everything I can think of too say at this point. Also, this post is written entirely without using the letter "m" except for in this sentence, due to keyboard key failure which I haven't repaired yet.