"And the angels wouldn't help you because they've all gone away."

Last week I screen printed this poster for an exhibition at the Filmhouse on Lothian Road - Wild at Heart and Weird on Top (20/02 - 05/03). The Filmhouse is doing a screening of David Lynch's films, so Vangeli has organised an competiton and exhibition of film posters for the occasion and asked 13 printmaking artists to come up with an original hand-printed poster for a film drawn out of a hat.

 The film I got was "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me". It was an interesting film and I liked the raw and surreal atmosphere of it. However I feel like it would have made a bit more sense had I seen the Twin Peaks TV series which it was made as a sort of prequel to. I read the synopsis of it afterwards and then it made a little bit more sense, but seeing as it was a David Lynch film, I don't think it's meant to ever make complete sense. 

Anyways, below is the poster I came up with. Certain recurring themes in the film included guardian angels and also a ring with a strange symbol on it, which is what the green circle is. I found screen-printing the second time round much easier and smoother and not quite as stressful as everyone seems to make it out to be. I tried to come up with a design that employed the transparent layering quality which screen-printing gives you and I'm quite happy with the outcome. Maybe next time I will not be so terrified of it and stop avoiding it till the last possible minute.

This is actually a pretty terrible photo of the real thing but I'll try to get a better one on a brighter sunnier day...  when there is one.