BZZ - if

swarm of ugly flies. okay, well I'm not really happy with this because its ugly. I wanted to draw some sort of representation of a swarm that would really creep you out, so I thought of drawing something beautiful and then drawing a swarm of something yucky on top of it. I think I have some sort of disgust/phobia of swarms, because they are so chaotically clustered and always make me feel like something is crawling on my skin, even if its just a swarm of tiny black dots that I'm looking at. I don't really think this worked successfully, I probably could have drawn more than just one fly, and the flowers are also rather lame because I just invented them in an afternoon. Perhaps I will do another drawing of a swarm of moths because that interests me more but in the studio I was stuck on how to draw moths so I drew this instead. Anyways... expect something else the near future?